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Acupuncture for Family, P.C.


Scenar and electro-acupuncture

Specialized Traditional Chinese Techniques

Integrative Homeopathy

Chinese Herbology

What We Offer

A therapeutic technique of inserting thin needles to safe, shallow depths into special points around the body.† This† modality can restore health and well-being, and is particularly effective for treating pain.

Prescriptions custom-tailored to each patientís particular condition and situation, Chinese herbs can provide powerful and non-intrusive healing for a variety of conditions.

Tatiana integrates homeopathic remedies with Chinese herb prescriptions when these methods work synergistically to promote healing.† As is the case with Chinese herbs, homeopathy is practically free from side effects.

Tatiana uses cutting-edge electrical stimulation devices to enhance the healing power of traditional Chinese acupuncture points.

The techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine range beyond just acupuncture into associated modalities such as cupping and moxibustion.